Grange Hill Miscellany

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Animated GIFs 


Colourised and coloured-in Julie Marchant, Fay


Jane's Fighting Ships


Annual picture, slightly modified

Justine Dean Radio Times

The Buckfield Quads

Annette in the Lead


Justine Time Grange Hill spin-off with Rachel Victoria Roberts reprising her role as Justine Dean, also with Simone Hyams as Calley. A Six part comedy series, not shown in all regions of the UK.

Titles here

Joann Kenny on Cosmo

Justine Time Radio Times tv-guide


Bridget McCluskey's Diary (Thanks to Simon Streek)

Harriet the Donkey vs Frank Bruno (thanks to Simon Streek)


Jane on Radio Times


Super Calley (Fragilistic?)


Justine's other dream



Fay vs Zammo




RIP Michael Winner.



Gonch's Grappling hook... not quite where the hook was in the episode.




Mock up of a Radio Times.. he really should have been on the cover.

This is NOT doctored - this surely was an in-joke by the director, from an episode (Series 26?)



Claire... or is it Clare?  Her name is spelt in two different ways in the credits.  This is one-i'd Claire (rather than the two-eyed Claiire)



King Kong gets Fay Wray mixed up with Fay from Grange Hill

(that's the Series 5 school in the background)


Here's another Radio Times mock up